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Release your car's inner karma - Get an exact price not an average price.


About Us?

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Hassle free selling

anycolourcar.com is a local, trusted, hassle free car buying service. We offer a fast and convenient way to convert your car to money in your bank.

We aim to make your life easier when it comes to selling your car, no haggling with the dealer about the price and no haggling with a buyer trying to chip you down. With anycolourcar.com we offer:

  • No admin fees
  • Specialised services valuing a car based on its specification, colour and service history
  • Instant payment, before we take the car
  • Collection service
  • Passion for customer satisfaction
  • No haggle or hassle
  • Honest, friendly and straightforward people to deal with

Hey from Jonathan

I’m Jonathan and I started anycolourcar.com in 2020 after the strange events that resulted in a national lockdown. I have spent all my working life in the automotive trade, I valeted cars whilst studying and worked my way up in the Toyota Franchise before joining one of the very best car supermarkets in the North.

I realised that there was a disconnect, dealerships and car supermarkets need quality cars and customers need to sell them without hassle. People wanting to sell their cars seem to be faced with the options of trading in at a dealership, selling privately or selling to a car buying company who value their car based on averages. This simply isn’t good enough. At anycolourcar.com we offer an exact price based on the car’s assets, service history, specification or even colour. We have a bank of dealerships and car supermarkets to place the cars with, thus getting the best price for our customers.

This really is the ultimate solution for selling your car.

I love cars, always have and always will. But when I am not buying and selling cars, I enjoy spending time with my family.


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anycolourcar.com is a trading style of blueskyautomotive services limited