Any Colour Car Announces Further Expansion In The Shape Of A New Commercial Property

16 August 2021

This week, Any Colour Car has announced the acquisition of a new commercial property in Worsborough, Barnsley. The property has begun the renovation process this week, with the hopes of being able to open to the public in the coming months.

We decided to catch up with Managing Director Jonathan Seaman to learn more about his plans for the new property and what it means for Any Colour Car customers, as well as finding out when we can expect an opening date to be announced.

1.     Tell us more about the new property you’ve purchased.

Our new property is located in the Worsborough area of Barnsley, South Yorkshire and is affectionately known as The Old Garage.

The Old Garage started its life as a filling station and over the years was extended to a car showroom with a small workshop. For the last 30 plus years, it has been lovingly run by a local family who created a fantastic interior furniture business. The last new car franchise to grace The Old Garage was Kia, which later moved into a new site closer to the town centre.

2.     When will the property be ready for use? 

The Old Garage is currently undergoing building and renovation work to transform it into the property we’ve been dreaming of. We’re hoping that this work will be complete in the next couple months, enabling us to move in before the end of the third quarter.

Unfortunately, delays in the legal process as a result of the backlog of work for solicitors has meant that we are already 3-4 months behind our original plans. It will be worth it in the end, though!

3.     How do you see the property being used 3 months now?

Three months from now, we hope to be growing our stock levels and beginning to welcome our first customers. Our aim is to be really laid back and make it a pleasant and welcoming environment that our customers enjoy visiting.

4.     How do you see the property being used 12 months from now? 

Our medium-term plan is to grow the ability to refurbish cars on-site, enabling us to reduce our costs and offer even better value to our customers. 12 months from now, we hope to be fully functional in our refurbishment ability.

5.     What is your long term vision for the property?

In the long term, we hope that The Old Garage will be a real benefit to the local community, offering a wide range of car-related solutions. In five years’ time, we expect The Old Garage to be the go-to location for all things car in the local community. Watch this space!

6.     How is the new property going to change the experience for customers of Any Colour Car? 

The Old Garage is going to completely transform the experience for customers of Any Colour Car. The new property will mean that we can hold more stock, allowing us to buy more cars. Our customers will be able to visit us on-site to sell their car if they prefer, and we plan to have a handpicked selection of cars to offer for sale.

We want to offer a world-class customer experience, making sure that our customers visit us over and over again. We have plans to make the showroom bright, airy and welcoming, with our customers feeling no pressure to make a purchase.

7.     Does acquiring this property mean you won’t be able to offer as much for used cars in the future?

The complete opposite is true. If we don’t need to sell our cars into auctions, we’ll be saving on the huge auction fees, enabling us to pass that saving onto our customers. We will also have the capability to refurbish cars on-site, meaning that we can give even better prices for cars that require a degree of preparation.

We can’t wait to see how the new property looks when it is complete, and how it transforms the experience for customers of Any Colour Car. Watch this space!

If you’re looking to sell your car for cash, give Any Colour Car a call today.

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