The Spookiest Cars From TV And Film

26 October 2021

It’s spooky season and that means it’s time to sit back and enjoy your favourite first-class Halloween films. Carve a pumpkin, indulge in heaps of sweets and get dressed up to scare your friends and family, whilst the nights become darker and colder.

Some of the most iconic scenes from Halloween films involve famous spooky cars such as the ‘Mystery Machine’ from Scooby Doo and ‘Ecto-1’ from Ghostbusters. We’re here to bring back those nostalgic childhood memories that’ll last a lifetime, enhanced and characterised by your favourite spooky cars.

Here are our top eight spooky cars to get you in the Halloween spirit.

1.     The Creepy Coupe (Wacky Races)

When it comes to classic cartoons the whole family can enjoy, Wacky races is a top favourite! The Creepy Coupe is home to tons of Halloween creatures such as ghosts, bats and even a dragon to help defeat any racers ahead on the track.

Although the show itself is hilariously funny and not very spooky, the creepy coupe is definitely Halloween inspired! Even the two characters that drive the car ‘Big Gruesome’ and ‘Little Gruesome’ are… well… gruesome!

2.     The Mystery Machine (Scooby Doo)

The iconic blue van with its bright orange flowers and groovy green patterns is instantly recognisable for so many people. The mystery machine owned by Fred Jones went on so many adventures with the crime fighting teenage gang of Scooby-Doo, Shaggy, Velma and Daphne as they caught the bad guys and put the world to rights.

Often being called to investigate supernatural claims, the team would jump in the van and travel across the country to many exciting destinations expanding the viewers imaginations. From featuring in both TV shows and movies, the mystery machine became very popular and many toys and merchandise of the van were sold across the globe.

3.     Grave Digger (Monster Jam)

Grave Digger is most likely the most famous and recognised monster truck of all time featuring in the Monster Jam series. Originally built as a mud racing truck by Dennis Anderson in 1982, the truck was made from scrap parts from a wide range of vehicles. It is for this reason that the monster truck obtained its name as Anderson joked “I’ll take this old junk and dig you a grave with it”.

To finish off its fierce look, the truck features famous red headlights which shine menacingly whenever the truck is up against opponents!

4.     The Truck - Duel

The short story Duel written by Richard Matheson was centred around the main antagonist, the truck driver. The large and extremely rusty 1955 Peterbilt 281 gasoline tanker truck oozes mystery and interest, as the truck driver chases the character David Mann and for no explained reason tries to kill him. The driver (who is never fully revealed to the audience) lures drivers to overtake him by driving slowly, before recklessly accelerating and forcing his victims off the road, leading to thrilling car chases.

Steven Spielberg also directed a film by the same name in 1971, sticking with the theme of a mystery killer driver who’s out to cause chaos on the roads.

5.     The Batmobile - Batman

With its endless tech features and sleek finished look, the Batmobile is absolutely a cool car to drive. Belonging to Batman and stored in the Batcave, the Batmobile is a heavily armed tactical assault vehicle used to fight crime and restore civilisation.

Batman is often found cruising the streets of Gotham City in his car featuring the very latest performance technology which he uses for an abundance of purposes including riot control, anti-tank warfare and as a mobile crime lab just to name a few. Impressively, the Batmobile can even be driven unmanned or remotely operated and Batman makes sure he shows off all of the cars best features to the envious audience. To the Batmobile you may hear people say!

6.     Plymouth Fury - Christine

Christine was released in 1983 and is an American supernatural horror film directed by John Carpenter. The film follows Arnie Cunningham and those around him after he buys a classic red and white 1958 Plymouth fury which goes by the name Christine. Arnie soon finds he has an array of teenage enemies but also that the car has a bad influence on him with its jealous and possessive personality traits.

The film was very successful and received great reviews grossing a whopping $21 million at the US box office. Since, Christine has remained a popular film choice and is a classic which will continue to be enjoyed for decades to come.

7.     Chevrolet Monte Carlo - Halloween

Would it really be Halloween without a special mention to the film Halloween? The film features many different cars manufactured between 1950 and 1970 but the Monte Carlo has a more prominent feature in the film, becoming memorable and recognisable to viewers. With it’s creepy and breath taking scenes, you’ll make sure you check the back seats when you get in the car after braving this classic film.

The famous car with its notable blood red interior becomes the murder scene of Annie Brackett as she is strangled on the backseat of her own car. If you’re thinking of watching Halloween, don’t expect a peaceful night’s sleep.

8.     The Koach - The Munsters

The Munster Koach was designed specifically for the show and appeared in her 20 episodes over the show’s successful 2 year run. Nothing was half done when it came to the design and specifications of the car which featured 10 air horns, lantern lights and a ten-carburetor setup.

Interestingly, the Koach was a huge 18 feet long and was made from the bodies of 3 Ford model T bodies but just one production of Koach was used throughout the filming of all the shows. The entire frame was crafted by hand and both the interior and exterior were painted to perfection with stunningly bold colours.

In Summary

We hope you’ve enjoyed our whistlestop tour of the top 8 spookiest cars from TV and film. If this has inspired you to trade your vehicle in for a spookier model, why not find out how much your car is worth today with Any Colour Car.

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