How to sell your car from home

06 June 2021

Let’s face it – selling your car can be a hassle. If you sell privately, you’ve got to deal with advertising your vehicle and organising viewings and test drives. On the other hand, if you decide to part exchange your car, you’ll be looking at a lower price.

Selling your car from home can help to make the process easier, taking some of the hard work away from selling your old vehicle. However, how easy it is to sell your car from home will depend on which method you choose.

In this article, we’re going to talk you through the different ways to sell your car from home, as well as uncovering the easiest way to sell your car without leaving the comfort of your own home.  

Why sell your car from home?

There are many reasons to sell your car from home, but the most significant of all is the convenience. When you choose to sell your car from home, you can complete the entire transaction without leaving the comfort of your own house. This means that you won’t need to take time off work or miss out on valuable time with your family.

By selling your car from home, you also avoid the need to travel. This means you won’t need anyone to pick you up from a dealership after dropping off your car or mess about with the hassles of public transport.

Three ways to sell your car from home

Selling your car from the comfort of your own home is convenient. But how exactly do you go about selling your car from home?

Private car sale

The first option that many people think of when deciding to sell their car from home is a private car sale. First of all, you’ll need to advertise your car on a site such as Autotrader, Facebook Marketplace or Ebay.Look out for fees that may be associated with each of these options – they aren’t always cheap. You’ll need to take good quality photographs and write an accurate description of your vehicle.

You’ll then need to coordinate viewings, as potential buyers come to look at your car. They’ll also want to test drive your vehicle, and you’ll need to make sure they have the appropriate license and insurance in place to do so.

Finally, you’ll need to negotiate the sales price and receive the money. It’s important to make sure that the money is in your bank account before handing over your keys to avoid scams. You’ll also need to complete the V5C form and send it to the DVLA to sign over ownership of the vehicle to the buyer. Selling your car privately is often the best way to get the highest possible price for your vehicle. However, it requires a lot of manual effort and can take time to find the right buyer.

Part exchanging your car

Part exchange is one of the most popular ways to sell a car. Through online car sales sites such as Cazoo, you can part exchange your old vehicle at the same time as having your new car delivered, avoiding the need to leave your home.

Thanks to its convenience, part exchange is one of the most common ways to sell a car. However, it does come with a few downsides.

First, you’ll need to be buying a new vehicle from the same company to be able to part exchange your car. This means you’ll have less flexibility over where you purchase your new car from.

Dealerships will typically be less open to negotiation over the price of your new car when you’re part exchanging your old vehicle, meaning that you may not get as good a deal as you could if you were a cash buyer.

Part exchange also usually offers a lower price than a private sale. This is because the dealership will need to complete admin for the purchase of your car, as well as selling it on themselves afterwards. Although part exchange is convenient, you’ll often pay for this convenience in the price that you achieve.

Sell to a car buying service

A third option for selling your car from home is to use a car buying service such as Any Colour Car. Car buying services will offer you a price for your car based on its make, model and condition.

Car buying services will typically offer a higher price than you’d get with part exchange, leaving you with a cash sum to put towards your next vehicle. This can give you more leverage to negotiate the price of your next car as a cash buyer.

It’s important to be aware that some car buying services are known for knocking down the price of your vehicle significantly once they see it. Make sure that you choose a company that will give you an honest quote from the start.

Why choose Any Colour Car?

If you’re looking for the convenience of part exchange but with the price of a private sale, an online car buying service could be right for you. However, you don’t want to fall for a company who offer one price but reduce it when they actually see your vehicle.

At Any Colour Car, we pride ourselves with being honest and transparent with our pricing. We’re in the market of buying used cars, so we fully expect your car to be used. We aren’t phased by a few scuffs or scratches and we will always do our best to maintain the price we’ve quoted unless you’ve got some significant damage.

We will give you an honest and upfront price for your car, and then collect it from your doorstep. You don’t even have to leave your home – it really is hassle free.

Sell your car from home with Any Colour Car

If you’re ready to discover how much your car is worth, take the first step to selling your car from home by contacting Any Colour Car today for a no-obligation quote.

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