Reflect on Q1 with Jonathan Seaman

08 July 2021

The first quarter of 2021 has drawn to a close and it’s been an eventful one. The world still feels like a strange place at the moment with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic still being felt by businesses and individuals alike. However, amongst the Covid-19 chaos, Any Colour Car has managed to go from strength to strength, despite the overhanging pandemic.

We caught up with Any Colour Car Director, Jonathan Seaman, to reflect on Q1 and find out what he’s got planned for the business over the coming months.  

1.     Overall, how was Q1 for the business? 

The first three months of the 2021-22 financial year have been very strong – the best results we’ve had so far, in fact. We’ve really focused on car buying this quarter rather than consultancy work, which has given Any Colour Car a huge push.

As with every family over the past year, we’ve had our challenges with home schooling. However, once the schools opened back up, my wife Louise was able to get more involved with the business. This has helped to propel us forward to break all sorts of records this quarter.

2.     How many cars did you buy from customers in Q1? 

This quarter, we’ve broken all sorts of records – it really has been a great start to the financial year. In Q1, we bought a total of 133 vehicles from our customers – a new record for Any Colour Car! This includes 29 commercial vehicles and 104 cars.

The cheapest car that we bought in Q1 was £100, whilst the dearest was £83,000. However, I did also help a friend sell his dad’s Bentley to one of my customers for £115,000!

3.     What was the most unusual car you dealt with? 

Crikey, that’s a difficult one! I guess the most unusual car I dealt with this month was a 2006 V8 Vauxhall Monaro. This is quite a rare car – there were only 3 for sale on Autotrader nationwide when we received the car!

If you haven’t heard of the Vauxhall Monaro before, it’s got an interesting history. This type of car was set up for failure pretty much as soon as it was created. It was actually manufactured by Holden, another company under the General Motors brand in Australia.

The Monaro was brought to the UK under the Vauxhall badge at the wrong time. As Brits, we’d just started leaning towards economical cars with cheap road tax and high MPG, so a huge Australia V8 muscle car was not what most people wanted. The parts were expensive, and the car failed to gain any traction in the UK, so it was quickly discontinued.

However, the V8 still has a good following as a muscle car, and the Vauxhall performance arm still has a set of supporters. This means that it’s of interest to a specific fan base.  

4.     What has been your favourite car of Q1?

That’s even more difficult! My favourite car this quarter would have to be a tie between four different vehicles – a Honda S200, a Jaguar X-Type V6S, a Mercedes C63S and a Range Rover SVR. I can’t pick a favourite! But then there was also a super rare Lotus EXIGE. Don’t make me choose!

5.     What was the most traded in car of Q1?

Believe it or not, the most traded in vehicle of Q1 was a Ford Transit! The most popular brand of car to be traded in during Q1 was Audi.

6.     What car would you most like to deal with in Q2?

In Q2, I would love to get my hands on some Porsche product. I am a massive Porsche fan and I miss the one I had.

7.     Do you have any goals for Q2?

During Q2, we will finally be opening our property – we actually take ownership on the 8th July. It needs to be fully refurbished before we can open to the public. So, the goal for Q2 is not just to open a lovely, refurbished property but ideally break even or better. I’ve got my work cut out this quarter!

8.     Sum up Q1 in three words

Busy, fun and exciting.

It has been a fantastic quarter with loads of new customers both to buy from and dealers to sell to. We literally cannot handle any more volume until we are in the dealership, so it’s been a fantastic learning curve.

I have to say that I am massively grateful for the amazing people who have helped, mentored, and supported me but especially my wife Louise, whom without I would have definitely had a nervous breakdown!

9.     Looking to the future, what are your dreams for Any Colour Car?

I’d like to see the business well established and serving a happy, loyal customer base. Our aim is not to be the biggest, just to share success with the team and delight customers. It might sound cheesy, but we just want to enjoy coming to work, and for the team and customers to feel the same way.

Looking further ahead to the long-term future, my youngest daughter Jemima plans to take over the business one day, whilst my eldest daughter Jasmine hopes to become a doctor to help people if there’s ever another pandemic. At least we know Any Colour Car and the health of the nation will both be in good hands for decades to come!

To sum up

The first quarter of 2021 has been a highly successful one for Any Colour Car. Despite the chaos that the pandemic has brought, the business has managed to go from strength to strength, coming out even more successful than before. We can’t wait to see what Q2, and indeed the future, holds.

If you’re ready to sell your old car for cash, why not give Any Colour Car a call today for a no-obligation valuation.  

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