New Website Marks New Beginnings For Any Colour Car

27 September 2021

It’s exciting times ahead as Any Colour Car launched its new website earlier this month. This represents the continued growth and success of the business, as Any Colour Car goes from strength to strength in the automotive sector.

The new website combines Any Colour Car’s existing car buying service with an all-new car sales platform, enabling motorists to buy and sell cars simultaneously.

Let’s take a look at where the new website came from, as well as some of the new features that it showcases.  

New functionality

The main reason for the website update is to integrate the new car sales platform, whilst keeping the car buying functionality for which Any Colour Car is best known. This transforms Any Colour Car from a simple car buying service into a full scale business, both buying and selling used cars.

It hasn’t been an easy feat, finding the balance between maintaining the car buying element whilst implementing a strong sales platform. For this reason, the redesign had to be done carefully, with much consideration.

Thankfully, Any Colour Car has succeeded in its goals, and that’s how the new website was born.  

A ‘grown up feel’

As Any Colour Car rapidly expands, it has undergone a transformation. The company began as a fun and playful car buying service, and the website represented this. Whilst the business still plans to remain down to earth and relatable, the new car sales strand also demands a more professional persona.

When asked about the rationale behind the new website design, Managing Director Jonathan Seaman said “From a design perspective, we wanted the new website to have a more ‘grown up’ feel, more representative of a company selling cars ranging from £5,000 right up to £50,000. The new website does exactly that, showing us as the professional and friendly company that we are. We have literally designed the new website from the ground up and we can’t wait to replace the stock imagery with photographs of the new dealership once it’s completed.”  

A range of new features

So, what are the new features of the Any Colour Car website? Let’s take a look.

As well as having a more ‘grown up’ look and feel, the new Any Colour Car website showcases a range of new features thanks to its bespoke design. These features will make the process of buying and selling cars faster and more efficient than ever before.

These features include finance pre-approval and payments, an intuitive car search functionality that has been built around what motorists really want and responsive technical details and specifications.

You’ll also notice the option to “find a car”. After a customer has filled in their desired criteria, the Any Colour Car experts will work tirelessly to source their dream car, using their motor trade expertise and contacts within the industry. They will also provide impartial advice on the purchase, making the experience of sourcing a car as simple and hassle-free as possible.

Contact Any Colour Car today

If you’re looking to sell your car, Any Colour Car is ready and waiting to give you a quote. Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy a new vehicle, you can browse existing stock and even request a new car to be sourced through the new Any Colour Car website. It really is a hassle free way to buy and sell cars.

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