AnyColourCar Exclusive: We quiz the car experts about their cars

01 July 2021

When you run a business that involves buying and selling cars, you’d think you’d be fed up of them by the time you leave the office. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case with Any Colour Car owner and founder Jonathan Seaman, and his wife Louise.

We decided to catch up with them and find out exactly what cars make a car expert tick. The results may surprise you!

1.     What age did you buy your first car? Tell us about it!

Jonathan: 17! I was so madly desperate to pass my driving test that I totally flunked my first and had to pass on my second attempt. I bought a beat-up MG Metro 84 on a B for £600 and between my car washing business spent every hour I could (with the help of family and friends), fixing and re-fixing the metro.

Louise: I was 21 when I bought my first car - it took me ages to pass my driving test at age 20. The first car I bought was a 1995 Fiat Cinquecento Sporting Abarth in bright yellow and I absolutely loved it. I bought it with savings and some money I got from my Grandad for my 21st birthday.

2.     How many cars have you owned in total?

Jonathan: I think I must have had somewhere in the region of 40 company cars. Some great ones such as a Range Rover Sport HSE and a Mondeo ST220, and some bad ones such as an Austin Maestro Diesel. I have owned 9 cars of my own before and after (and a couple during) company cars.

Louise: I have owned 13 cars in total.

3.     What is the best value car you’ve owned?

Jonathan: Three answers, all my life I always wanted a Porsche 911 so that has to be the best car I’ve owned. However, I bought a Toyota Hilux for a summer in 2018 and it was an excellent family truck: we went on the beach, we could throw things in the back and the kids loved it. But Louise and I (she probably said it was her car) own a Ford Focus RS Edition in Race Red.  There are only 300 examples in the UK – it’s an amazing car.

Louise: The best value car I’ve owned was my very first car which I was given for free. It was an MG Metro. I sold it 5 months after I got it for £400, and split the money with my friend who had given me the car.

4.     What is the rarest car you’ve owned?

Jonathan: When I was 16, I bought and sold a Triumph Spitfire.

Louise: The rarest car I’ve owned is our 2018 Ford Focus RS Red Edition as they only made 300 of them.

5.     What is the oldest car you’ve owned?

Jonathan: The Triumph Spitfire, I didn’t ever drive that so the next answer would be the 1984 MG Metro. 

Louise: The oldest car I’ve owned is the MG Metro I had in 1998 which was a 1987 model.

6.     What is the fastest car you’ve owned?

Jonathan: Not very impressive, in the fast car leagues but still a fast car - the Focus RS.

Louise: The oldest car I’ve owned is the MG Metro I had in 1998 which was a 1987 model.

7.     The one that got away

Jonathan: The car I wish I could have kept forever was the Toyota Hilux. It would have run forever, didn’t cost much to buy and was so super useful.

Louise: The car I would have most liked to still own is a 2001 red convertible Audi TT 225. I owned it from 2004 to 2007. It was an immaculate car, I absolutely loved it and was very sad when I sold it.

8.     Biggest car disaster

Jonathan: Back to the MG Metro - ended up being a write off doh!

Louise: My biggest car disaster was collecting my new car in 2001 which was a yellow MGF Trophy 160. I hadn’t part exchanged my old car (a Citroen Saxo VTR) as I was selling it privately. I reversed my new car into the drive and into my old car, forgetting it was still there. I had to replace the rear lights on the old car and paint the bumper on my new car. A very costly mistake!

9.     Current car

Jonathan: Volvo V90 R Design Pro D5. It’s a great car with loads of space, all-wheel drive and an all-round fantastic specification.

Louise: Our current family car is a Volvo V90 and the fun car is the Ford Focus RS Red Edition.

10. Dream car – which car would you most like to own in the future?

Jonathan: Audi RS6, its the ultimate family bus, supercar performance and at around 5 meters long its got room for all the family needs. Since we have been doing Anycolourcar I could have kept quite a few cars that I fell in love with, including: BMW M4, Jaguar F-Type, Porsche Macan, Range Rover Sport SVR, Ford Ranger with partial Raptor Kit, Lotus, Mercedes C63 and many more. I have no regrets…. Honestly!

Louise: I like small sporty cars so either a Porsche 911 or something fun like an Audi S3, Ford Focus RS Heritage Edition, or Ford Fiesta ST Performance Edition (I love Fast Fords!). I would like it to be something you could actually use and enjoy, rather than it being in storage.

To sum up

So, what are the top three things that we have learnt from this interview?

  1. Jonathan has owned more cars than most people ever will in their lifetime.
  2. They both love their Focus RS Red Edition!
  3. Don’t ever let Louise pick up a new car for you – especially if it involves reversing onto a drive!

We hope you enjoyed hearing about the many cars of Jonathan and Louise as much as we did.

If reading about these cars has left you thinking about trading in your old vehicle for a dream car, why not give Any Colour Car a call today for a no-obligation valuation.

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