The Best First Cars For New Drivers In 2021

27 July 2021

The day that you buy your first car is a day that you’ll remember forever. The excitement of finally getting those keys into your hands is a feeling like no other, and a memory that you’ll live over and over again. But what are the best first cars for new drivers in 2021?

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about buying your first car, from what you should look for in a first car to which cars you should be looking at as you begin your search.

What to look for in a first car

Whether you’ve just passed your driving test or you’re looking for a car that you can learn to drive in, there’s a few things that you’ll probably be looking out for. These include:

  • Price
  • Size
  • Insurance cost
  • Safety features

For many new drivers, money is often tight. That’s why the initial price of the car and insurance cost are typically two of the most important considerations in a first car. Insurance costs for new drivers are often high due to a lack of experience. Once you’ve completed your first 12 months without any accidents, your insurance price will reduce thanks to securing your first year’s no claims bonus.

The size of your first car is also likely to be a consideration. Most first-time drivers are best suited to a small car which is easy to manoeuvre and to park, making those first few solo drives a bit easier.

You’ll also need to think about safety features. Take a look at the Euro NCAP ratings given to cars to assess their safety. The higher the score, the safer the car is.

The Top 5 cars for new drivers in 2021

So, you know what you’re looking for in your first car, but which cars are best for new drivers? Let’s take a look at the top five cars for new drivers in 2021.

1. Kia Picanto

If you’re looking to combine practicality, reliability and style, the Kia Picanto is a safe choice. It’s recent Mk3 upgrades made the car longer, wider and lower, giving it a sporty charm without compromising on its performance or driving experience.

The Kia Picanto is available in a 66 bhp 1.0 litre three-cylinder and a 83 bhp 1.2 litre four-cylinder petrol engines, with the former offering an impressive 50.4 mpg. The insurance group falls between 3 and 10, making this car a great option for those looking to keep their insurance costs down.

If you’re looking for a small car without compromising on performance and enjoyment, the Kia Picanto may be the ideal first car for you.

2. Ford Fiesta

Not only is the Ford Fiesta Britain’s best-selling car, but it’s also a great first car for new drivers. With a five-star NCAP safety rating, this car offers a wide range of safety features. This includes the lane assist system, speed assistance, seven airbags and optional autobrake.

It isn’t just safety where the Ford Fiesta excels either. It’s also spacious, economical and full of gadgets that will wow young drivers, including SYNC voice activation, parking sensors and a sat nav if you opt for the Titanium model.

You’ll also be impressed by the 1.0 litre EcoBoost engine which offers an impressive 50.4 mpg along with 99 bhp. Not only is this car economical but it’s also a pleasure to drive, making it an ideal choice for new drivers.

3. Volkswagen up!

If you’re looking for a car that’s light on your wallet but still fun to drive, the Volkswagen up! is a great choice. Available in both petrol and all-electric models, the up! comes with a low price tag, along with the key benefit of sitting in one of the lowest insurance groups – typically groups one or two.

Despite its low price, the Volkswagen up! doesn’t cut corners when it comes to safety. With six airbags, ESP and an optional autobrake, it’s clear that safety is a priority with the Volkswagen up! Not only that, but this car is fun to drive and easy to squeeze into the tightest of parking spaces thanks to its compact design.

If style and safety are your priorities, don’t overlook the Volkswagen up! – it may just be the perfect first car for you.

4. Vauxhall Corsa

You’ll rarely walk down a road without seeing a Vauxhall Corsa, and it’s easy to see why. They’re a staple on our roads thanks to their timeless style, wide range of design features and fantastic driveability.

The low insurance groups of the Vauxhall Corsa will no doubt appeal to new drivers, whilst the 74 bhp – 89 bhp offered by the 1.4 litre petrol engine offer tempting fuel economy. Not only that, but the newly released Corsa-e offers an all-electric is ideal for the environmentally conscious new driver that wants to make their mark on the world.

If you’re looking for a perfect balance of style, features and driving experience, the Vauxhall Corsa may be the first car you’re looking for.

5. Dacia Sandero

If affordability is what you’re looking for in your first car, the Dacia Sandero may get your attention. In fact, this motor earns the title of Britain’s most affordable new car, with prices starting from just £7,995.

You might think that this low price means that you’ll be compromising on style and features, but this isn’t the case. The Sandero comes with stylish Y-shaped LED headlights, along with emergency brake assist and hill start assist as standard. If you can stretch your budget to the £11,595 Comfort model, you’ll also be rewarded with an eight-inch touchscreen sat nav, along with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

You may also be surprised to learn that the 999cc engine delivers 89 bhp along with offering an impressive 53.3 mpg, making this car economical to run. If value for money is what you’re looking for, the Dacia Sandero is a great starting point.

To sum up

There are many different things to consider when you’re buying your first car as a new driver, from the cost of the vehicle itself and its insurance to the safety features that it offers. We’ve talked you through five of the best options for new drivers, helping you to choose the right first car for your needs.

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