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10 October 2020

Don’t wait for overage to happen!

In the last 30 days online search activity has dropped to pre cov19 levels and whilst that is still strong for a “normal” October, it has meant there is now a noticeable drop off of customers hitting forecourts.  Below are a few tips to maximise your online and offline offering and ensure that if the customer base has reduced you take more of it.  

  1. ·     Check the preparation – walk your stock and ensure that the preparation standards meet your requirements.  Look for obviously scuffs and chips, a lot of dealerships are suffering from swirl marks caused by poor buffing and finally, the tyres may meet your minimum requirements but if they are badly worn on the outer edge, they could easily put someone off.
  2. ·     Check the valet – Empower the team to sit in every car, make sure they don’t smell, make sure there isn’t excess polish and if they have been sat out there a while consider another valet.
  3. ·     Check your presentation – are the cars lined up?  Have they all got the adequate point of sale?  Are the prices, right?  Maybe consider grouping the cars in model order or size order to make the customer visit easier.
  4. ·     Check your images – We all talk about the importance of imagery.  The best advice is to become a customer, try and search for a car you want.  Look at the images, what is good, what is bad and what is missing?  Is the car prepared, are the images consistent and have you got dusty consoles on interior shots?
  5. ·     Check your prices – Look at the prices versus searches and versus the competition.  You should have your own strategy set for pricing and you can easily ensure the car stays in line.  However, there are other factors, colour, specification and provenance so look at the interest your car is getting and along with the pricing strategy you can make faster, more reactive decisions.
  6. ·     Check your advert quality – have all your cars got attention grabbers and if so, do they grab your attention?  Make sure they are the very best things to say about that car, make sure they give your car an advantage over the rest.  Look at your right up and ensure you are delivering facts to a potential customer to help them choose your car.  Make sure it’s not too long, too generic or too unspecific.  People want to know about extras, what is standard and anything else special about your car.
  7. ·     Check your service histories – If your team have any down time, get the packs out and check the histories, if a car has 5 main dealer stamps make sure it is in the advert, if not try and do some investigative work to track down more history.
  8. ·     Check your digital leads – Mystery shop your own business.  Do you get a fast and helpful response?  Does the response make sense or is it a lazy template?  For example, ask for a part exchange price, if the response come back wishing you a lovely day and asking “how can I help” you know you are not answering customers’ needs and wants.
  9. ·     Check your team – Are they up for it?  Are they making every customer count and are they in the right head space?  Use any times for one to ones and team development.
  10. ·     Check your sanity – Make sure you know how many customers you are physically getting and why they don’t buy.  No high pressure, no unreasonable expectations but data drives decisions and first-hand accounts by customers is the most powerful data in your business.

At Bluesky Automotive we have a wide range of service to help in 4 specific areas:  

  • Stock – We can health check your stock physically and online and if needed can help with liquidation.  However, given the right actions we can drive and improve sales. 
  • Digital – We can develop better techniques for handling leads and improve the soft skills needed to help customers buy.
  • Team – We can help improve your team through coaching and training sessions, either process, soft skills or bespoke.
  • Strategy – We can help develop, evolve or create a strategy for stock management including pricing and identifying the right stock for your location.

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