2020 Changes to Transport

20 October 2020

Four ways COVID-19 has changed the way we use vehicles

The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things about our lives in 2020. There are restrictions on how we mix and socialise with others, many businesses have faced closure and the economy has taken a sharp downturn. This new way of life that we are facing has also had an impact on how we use our vehicles and how we will continue to use them going forwards. Here are four ways that COVID-19 has changed the way we use our vehicles.

Aversion to public transport

Due to the high transmission rates of COVID-19, many people are understandably cautious of using public transport. This means that many people are looking for alternative modes of transport for their commute to work, school runs and travelling to leisure activities. Along with the increased popularity of cycling and walking that lockdown has inflicted, many people are also choosing car as their transport mode of choice thanks to the exclusivity and safety that their vehicle offers. This ongoing aversion to public transport is inducing higher levels of car sales as drivers prioritise their safety and health.

Surge in home deliveries

Another side effect of the coronavirus pandemic is that people have largely avoided visiting both supermarkets and shops wherever possible. This means that they’ve spent more time shopping online, and more parcels than ever before have had to be delivered. This increase in demand has led to more delivery vehicles being on the road and the demand for vans has surged.

Changing working habits

The lockdown in March 2020 forced many people to work from home who may have never done so before. A large proportion of companies have realised the benefits of their employees working from home, including reduced costs to the business and increased employee satisfaction due to a better work-life balance. As many people continue to work from home and companies begin to adopt long term homeworking policies, the need for many families to have a second car is decreasing. For this reason, many families are now looking to sell their second car as a result of their altered working habits.

Altered holiday plans

During the coronavirus pandemic, a large proportion of the population have been forced to cancel or postpone their holiday plans. Overseas travel has been limited, as a result of enforced quarantines in many destinations. This has led many people to consider holidaying in the UK, along with discovering a love for the outdoors that they may never have realised otherwise. As a result of these altered holiday plans, sales for both caravans and camping equipment have increased. However, larger cars are often required to be able to tow a caravan or to transport camping equipment. This has led many people to look to upsize their cars, selling their smaller car to make way for a larger model.  

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